WHAT Subscribers SAY

"Mindy knows everything and everyone in St. Louis. She's the first person I reach out to for help!"

Debra, Dix Hills, NY

"Your services were so valuable to me last year, I will re-enroll and can't thank you enough for your help."

A.R., New Orleans, LA

"Mindy is amazingly thoughtful, professional, considerate and helpful.

In addition to being a creative problem solver, she is kind and warm."

Jennifer, New York, NY

"Mindy is like a direct link to everything STL. All of her advice has been spot on. She truly loves to help."

Cara, San Francisco, CA

"Mindy is a great problem solver and has connections all over town. I trust her implicitly."

Ami, Manhattan Beach, CA

"Our son called us to say how much he appreciated your help and support. It gives us tremendous comfort knowing

you are there for him."

Sam, Tenafly, NJ

"Thank you for everything always. I appreciate just knowing that you are there. I feel so lucky to have another mom in St. Louis"

Sarah, Miami, FL

"Mindy is willing to go above and way beyond just to make sure she provides the service to you and your college student."

Stephanie, LA, CA

"There was no chance

my son was going to be able to follow the instructions to put

together his IKEA desk.  Thanks to Mindy, it was all set up before the first day of class."

Robin, Chicago, IL

Mindy is willing to go Mindy showered my baby girl with birthday love in person when I couldn’t.  She made her feel so special. I would not hesitate to use Mindy again.  She was so responsive

and a  joy to work with.

and your college student."

Stephanie, LA, CA

"Mindy showered my baby girl with birthday love in person when I couldn't.

She made her feel

special. I wouldn't hesitate to use Mindy again.

 She was so responsive and a joy to work with."

Mina, San Francisco, CA

"You are the best local

mom support ever :-)"

Kathy, Minneapolis, MN