Karen grew up in Phoenix and graduated from Wash U in 1989 and has lived in St. Louis since then. She is a CPA at a top nationally ranked accounting firm. Karen is the mom of two college-aged students, and is master of all things business and organization. She serves on multiple boards in town and volunteers extensively in the community.


Health and Wellness


Joelyn has a BA and a JD from UW Madison as well as a master's degree in speech-language pathology. Her husband is a well-respected, Wash U educated, Ob-Gyn in St. Louis. Joelyn has two children, one of whom has a severe food allergy. She is very well connected to our local medical community and familiar with allergy-related concerns.




Gifts and Celebrations


Kelly was raised in New England, and earned her BA from

University of Delaware and

MEd from UVA. She has worked 

as a high school history teacher and an interior designer.  Kelly

has two children, but most importantly,  she is an expert

in creating fabulous and memorable celebrations. Kelly

will elevate every occasion and make your child feel cared for and special.

Founder and CEO Mindy Horwitz is a St. Louis native, married to a Wash U alum and the mother of three children including one current Wash U student. She has a BA in communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her MSW from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York. Mindy is an active volunteer and well-connected throughout the St. Louis community. She has worked in NYC, LA, and Minneapolis, and has a wealth of experience managing projects and people. Mindy excels at planning, execution and organization.

Mindy Horwitz