What is mindyKNOWS?

Think of us as a combination concierge/old college friend/cousin you love. We are St. Louis moms who can be there when you can’t, providing assistance to your child and giving you peace of mind.

Why is your advice more valuable than what I can find on Google, Yelp, or social media?

We know there are many reviews and crowdsourcing options online, but they can become overwhelming to navigate. We are local parents with current information and personal experience. We will listen to your needs and tailor our recommendations to you.

What situations are appropriate for "Get to Know Mindy"?

"Get to Know Mindy" is great if you need a one-time delivery or single referral for a provider or service. If you think you will have ongoing needs and questions, we encourage you to purchase a semester or year subscription.

If I pay for "Get to Know Mindy" can I upgrade to a membership?

Yes! We will apply $50 toward an annual subscription.

If I am only looking for a delivery, do I need to purchase a membership?

No. We offer several standard hand-delivered packages listed on the website which are available to everyone. However, if you are looking for a custom delivery, we encourage you to become a subscriber or take advantage of our "Get to Know Mindy" package.

What if I just want a one-time referral?

Use the "Get to Know MIndy" package!

My student lives in an apartment. Will you deliver off campus?

Absolutely! We will deliver to wherever is most convenient and we will even try to take a picture of your student to send you. Please see the COVID-19 tab for restrictions.