Founder and CEO Mindy Horwitz is a St. Louis native, married to a Wash U alum and the mother of three children including one WashU grad. She has a BA in communications from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her MSW from the Wurzweiler School of Social Work in New York. Mindy is an active volunteer and well-connected throughout the St. Louis community. She has worked in NYC, LA, and Minneapolis, and has a wealth of experience managing projects and people. Mindy excels at planning, execution and organization. She thrives on making connections with people.





Karen is a CPA who grew up in Phoenix, AZ and graduated from Wash U in 1989. After graduation she began her career in STL and met her husband, and has lived here ever since. She is currently a part time tax manager at a  top nationally ranked accounting firm. Karen is the mom of a college graduate and a current college junior, and is a master of all things business and organization. She serves on multiple boards in town and volunteers extensively in the St. Louis community. 




Joelyn has a BA and a JD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison as well as a master's degree in speech-language pathology. After working in the legal department of two local hospital systems and in the health law department of a St. Louis law firm, she decided to devote her time to raising her children. Joelyn has held numerous volunteer positions at her children's schools and has served on several nonprofit boards. She currently spends her free time volunteering for local political campaigns. 




Shari has a BA from Wash U and lives in NYC with her husband and one kid, her other is a Wash U student. She spent 15 years in the TV industry as a marketing guru at  MTV Networks.  In addition to freelance writing, she authored the award-winning food blog , My Judy the Foodie, an homage to her late mother's love of cooking. Shari is also the Co-Founder of Bake it Happen, a national fundraising campaign that has raised over $500k for Metastatic Breast Cancer research.  Shari serves on the board of Concerts in Motion and volunteers on way too many committees.